Here's another stab at it, without having to use the Pun system for your users -

PunBB inside Rails - an apache tweak and cookie injection

I've recently worked out how to get my existing Rails app to house a PunBB forum install as well as manage the cookie creation/deletion for PunBB.  This allows my Rails app to have single-sign-on with the forum under the same domain.  My Rails app handles the usernames/passwords for the community and just syncs to the PunBB users table when necessary.

There were two parts - the first was getting PHP to render correctly...

Running PHP within Rails

The second was manipulating the cookie (for single-sign-on)...

Generating a Rails and PunBB (and DokuWiki) shared cookie

I hope this is helpful to someone - I couldn't find it documented anywhere else.

Rickard has posted my latest plugin on the downloads page.

User Merge. Created by Terrell Russell. The User Merge plugin allows administrators to merge two user accounts.

Also posted here... … for-punbb/

Please let me know if you have any trouble.
It's fairly straightforward, but I didn't see anything like it in the community already - and it scratched an itch.

it should depend solely on the amount of runtime you're allowed for a single process.  if your server is capping your usage, you might see a timeout.

that said, i've not had it timeout for me, but i've never run a forum with 10K users either.

it's a very simple loop - check out the code.
it sends an email to each registered user.

Thanks Soyuz.

you need to navigate to your newly installed /install.php in your web browser...

not on your local computer.

This mod will allow your forum users to tag each other's areas of expertise, with confirmation. This tagging is done through plain text keywords which describe what a user knows.  This is called cognitive authority.  The management interface for these tags, this expertise, is integrated into the existing Profile pages.

Download and Screenshots:

PunRes Discussion:


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our dear friend, cache.

bumped to work with PunBB 1.2.4 out of the box

Email_Digests-1.0.3 now available at

no functional changes from 1.0.1 - but ready for new installs of PunBB 1.2.4

i've noticed myself looking for the link when i've arrived in a topic from the 'show_new' page deep in the thread because i was linked to a particular post (using a # anchor).

this would allow a quick copy/paste available for sending to others as reference.

it would be nice to have the title of the topic you're currently viewing be a link - somewhere on the page when looking at viewtopic.php


Index ? Feature requests ? make topic title a link in viewtopic.php

the last part should be a link to this topic - both above and below the messages area

that would require knowing where your users are - and what timezone they're viewing your page from.

if this is the front page - then you won't necessarily know this, correct?

have they already logged in?

yeah, this was written to scratch an itch - and HTML wasn't that itch.

i don't plan on attempting anything with HTML email.

feel free to piggyback off this code if you want though.  it's quite simple.


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the target attribute is not xhtml compliant.  so, yes, that was one reason.

the reason for not including a javascript wrapper for the links is because it should be up to the user.


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Rickard wrote:

I still can't see how what would lead to an undefined variable. Oh well smile

it's undefined - because the script is being called by the cronjob and not the browser.  so there's no remote address - and the environment hasn't defined the REMOTE_ADDR.  this doesn't affect the functionality of the code at all - just the warnings being output to the terminal or the log file.

glad you guys got it worked out.

Broadcast Email is using the standard pun_mail() call and should grab what's in the config table in your database for o_webmaster_email as the From: address.

not sure what to tell you.

yeah, i'll add the group option in the next version.

thought about that for this one - but decided to just get what i had out.


This is a simple plugin that allows the Administrator to email all registered users of a PunBB install at one time.

It is a two stage process: Compose and Confirm.

The message is sent 'From' your 'Forum Mailer' and will send to the Administrator as well.

Installation is a simple upload into the plugins directory, like all good plugins.

Can be found on the downloads page:


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the migration scripts are located at

you may have to update yourself from 1.2 to 1.2.1 after migration


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but neither does showing the post without the 'markup' it was designed to be viewed with.

so, yeah, one or the other.

for Email_Digests, i truncated and stripped.  because they're meant to be pointers back to the 'proper' forum.
i feel the same is probably true for these results on the search page.

we can't truncate a few characters  - figure out if there are any dangling open bbcode tags, close them at the end of our truncating, and then parse it and display it?

it seems like there's a way to make the output of a search-by-post result a little more appealing to look at if it has bbcode in it.

perhaps stripping it out altogether?  seems a little extreme.

this is the first time i've seen this - so these are first reactions.   apply salt as necessary.

confirmed - and not just on your site, pmmueller

any 1.2.x punbb install - if you do a search (from the search page), and select to view posts, you will get the result you're talking about.

all the bbcode will be visible in the forum.

definitely needs to be run through the parser magic.


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i'm now running PunBB 9.0 Optimized



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well, that IS interesting.

joshua - if you don't mind - can you:

1) reinstall email digests
2) confirm it fails (you see the error 12)
3) uninstall email digests
4) confirm it works (no error)

i still feel it's probably just a coincidence on the timing.